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Smith & Lee Handmade, LLC

The beginning of 2017 was a great year for growing company Smith and Lee Handmade LLC. CEO, Don Jackson, an exotic leather connoisseur, started his enterprise in 2016 with a great idea, creative eye, and some of the rarest handpicked imported leather available.


The rarity alone makes Smith and Lee's Handmade handcrafted, high quality, custom leather pieces one of a kind. Smith and Lee Handmade product list consists of upscale, high end, individually hand stitched wallets, keychains, luggage tags, and business card holders which appeal to both male and female taste. 

Smith and Lee Handmade imports some of its rarest pieces from foreign countries as well as within the United States. CEO, Don Jackson talks about major upcoming plans to expand the company's product line to accommodate all women including leather purses, tote bags, makeup bags, and more. 

Read below what Don Jackson has to say about Smith and Lee Handmade LLC, the current product availability, and what else the company will have to offer in 2018. 


My name is Donovan Jackson and I am the founder and owner of Smith and Lee Handmade. Smith and Lee Handmade is an exotic, luxury, leather lifestyle brand.


The brand's primary mission is to provide luxury leather goods at an affordable price, using only the world's rarest leather.


Each item is designed, cut and crafted by me in my Atlanta home. 


The designs for each item is based upon minimalism. As I believe that a person should only carry their essentials in their wallet. Thus each item only comes equipped to carry from three to six cards and some folded paper currency.


In addition to wallet and cardholders, the company also creates exotic phone cases and keychains.


By 2018, I hope to start creating women's tote bags, makeup bags and bracelets. 


For more information please contact me or visit the website at:

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