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Ready to Love: Melinda Ruff

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Born and raised in the small town of Tupelo, MS., to now living in a high rise in the middle of downtown Atlanta, GA., Melinda Ruff is the epitome of a hard working woman. Ranked the number one sales representative in the nation for the year of 2017, her independent lifestyle has made it a challenge for her to find love.

“I’ve been having a hard time trying to find the man of my dreams in Atlanta,” Melinda said. “I bring a lot to the table, but apparently these men in Atlanta aren’t hungry!”

While watching the morning news, Melinda was introduced to a new dating show for professional singles in Atlanta titled Ready to Love. In an effort to find the love that she has always longed for, she took a risk and submitted an application that would later change her reality.

“I thought to myself, I should try to get on that show,” she said. “Maybe I’ll find true love.”

The series Ready to Love explores the dating interactions of successful African American men and women in their 30s and 40s who are each looking for lasting love. The show’s desire is to assist men and women in the city of Atlanta with finding their soulmate while emphasizing their experiences along the way.

“My number one priority right now is to find the love of my life and build something special together,” she said. Before, I was so focused on my career and I would squeeze dating in between. However, as I have gotten older, finding love is the only thing that keeps me up at night.”

Several interviews and hundreds of eligible bachelorettes later, Melinda received news that she was chosen for the show. From then on she was faced with the task of managing her sales career, radio interviews, TV appearances, and photoshoots.

“I love being treated like a celebrity,” she said. “People actually follow me on social media and know who I am.”

Since being on the show, Melinda has developed a new appreciation for the camera and the spotlight. Although her career in medical device sales will remain her primary focus, she is open to pursuing a career in acting.

“I enjoy being on TV,” she said. “It felt natural for me, so we will see what comes of it.”

You can watch Melinda on Ready to Love Saturdays at 10/9c, and connect with her by following her Instagram @iammelindaruff.

Written by Ashley Nicole Gambrel

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