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Peter Marco: The Jewel of Beverly Hills

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

By Marcus G Blassingame, IN BLVCK MAGAZINE

Peter Voutsas, better known as “Peter Marco” Hollywood's premier Celebrity Jeweler recently became one of Floyd Money Mayweather's main connoisseurs of fine Jewelry after visiting the world champion's home in Las Vegas and in LA as he sold him an incredible collection of diamond ensembles. Floyd also visits Peter Marco's legendary store on 252 N Rodeo Drive in Bevery Hills CA. PETER MARCO is currently one of the top jewelers in the world and supplies custom pieces to some of the biggest Athletes and celebrities around. Following his Mayweather collaboration, he also has two billboards in Time Square on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue. Peter Marco has expanded his brand to the East Coast receiving a ton of press and media.

Dedicating his life to the craft, Peter has become one of the biggest jewelers in entertainment and sports today. In 1976 at the tender age of 14, Peter landed a summer job cleaning jewelry in laboratories and offices for an influential New York jeweler. Peter was captivated and in being truly enchanted by the beauty and rarity of gemstones, did not hesitate to make Jeweling his life ambition. He opted to take night classes to finish school in order to train at the jewelry manufacture during the day!

After swiftly being promoted from a jewelry cleaner to messenger person, following the nine months in the position Peter became a jeweler, working specifically on diamond settings, polishing, and custom jewelry work.

He continued working at the jewelry manufacturer until age 17 when he was promoted to the production department. Working in production allowed Peter to expand his knowledge of diamonds and colored stones, serving as the foundation for his career.

Upon being promoted to salesman, Peter's world expanded his reach and experience to exceptional levels.With this new position, Peter drove finished product pieces all over the countryside to sell jewelry for the manufacture. He fondly recounts that he drove nearly eleven and a half months out of each year for a total of four years, bringing “jewels from door to door and shore to shore.” By this time, Peter’s vast knowledge about jewelry and the domestic market was unparalleled, so he ventured out of the U.S. to international markets such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and other parts of Asia. He then made his way onward to Europe.

Eventually the Peter Marco brand established a global presence, reaching markets in Asia, Europe, Canada, the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean, and the United States. In 2008 Peter chose to settle down in Los Angeles with his wife and their two sons (Peter and Marco) after whom he named his Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills boutique "Peter Marco"Peter’s global experience and expertise helped him make his lifelong dreams come true. His gorgeous boutique and flourishing business is thanks to his years of dedication and drive, Peter is the jewel of Beverly Hills.




PETER@PETERMARCO.COM ©PETER MARCO 2017 Campaign: Peter Marco, Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills.

Times Square branding campaign.

Photo Credits:Agency: 10K Advertising

Photo credit for ad: Marc Goldstein

Photo credit for Times Square photos: Tyler Fife.

Additional credits:Julie Louise - Model Selina Kaye - Model Kenye Hart - MUA @petermarco90210@petermarco90210


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