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NYFW '19: Introducing the Nicholas K Fall 2019 Collection

Nicholas K’s Fall 2019 collection took root in a newly created eco-architectural project, tucked in the woods of upstate New York. Upcycled wood and repurposed windows created a light-filled minimalist modern structure that sparked a desire to revisit painting and abstract art.  Brush strokes of Altering shapes and forms on canvases fed into the new collection and inspired a neutral color palette. *DOWNLOAD/VIEW THE FULL COLLECTION*

(Above, one of the paintings by Nicholas Kunz that inspired the collection)

“This season is about pieces that transform and flow, appearing unconventional yet with comfort and wearability in mind;  items can be worn front to back, upside down, inside out, A-line to fitted, short to long, and day to night; Items that give you a micro closet but maximized, multi-functional wardrobe.” - Nicholas K

The neutral hues of onyx, charcoal, camel and gesso with pops of amethyst and indigo were extracted from the canvases, while the hand-dyed drip print mimics art in itself as each piece is one-of-a-kind. Proportions are long and lean, delicate yet bold, and asymmetrical.  Textures are contrasting and thick, with fabrics including soft alpaca with mulberry silks, super fine royal alpaca (as fine, warm, and soft as cashmere), undyed alpaca (the purest unprocessed fibre), shearling coats, modal, burla viscose satin (traceable to the forest), and tencel.

Instagram: @nicholaskstudio Website: The Nicholas K flagship store is located at
435 Broome Street in New York City.  For more information please contact: Emily Bungert, EB Consults Worldwide E.


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