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Amara La Negra gets real!

She talks about her Latino to American music transition, Love and Hip Hop Miami life (LHHM) and a future beauty product line.

All signs point to Amara La Negra, one of the most loved Love and Hip Hop Miami (LHHM) realty TV stars. The Afro-Dominican Miami born singer is not afraid to be who she is and represent her heritage. With her voluptuous curves, catchy tempo and perfect fro, Amara is ready for her musical transition. She’s been in the music and entertainment industry pretty much all of her life. Beginning when she was just four years old. She knows the upside, the downside and the in between. Amara stands strong on her heritage and speaks openly about her experience with colorism, sexuality and being true to herself. As of recently, Amara has been heavy in the spotlight. Some may contribute this to her most recent single “Insecure” or some may believe it’s her role on LHHM. Whether it’s her dance pop music, her jaw dropping beauty or her “relatable realness” on Vh1’s hit realty TV show; Amara La Negra is no stranger to the spotlight and being in front of the camera for Love and Hip Hop Miami (LHHM) is all in a days work.

ShuString: You're the breakout star of LHHM why do you think that is? Amara: I think it's because people, they understood where I was coming from and they like my story. It's not much of a story it's my life journey and they can relate. Being very open, very honest and very driven, being in a world of so much fakeness and phony they can appreciate me just being open and honest. Other than the fact that they like my music of course.

ShuString: How did the opportunity come about you being cast for LHHM? Amara: My manager has about 12 people they cast for the show. There was an audition and I was being very open minded. I went and I met with Mona and the whole team. 2 weeks later they asked me could I do this and that was pretty much it. It happened pretty quickly.

ShuString: So what are some of the fun things that came out of working on this show? Amara: I gained a friend, a true friend JoJo and Bobby. It was mainly the exposure that I got, gave me other opportunities to do things like being in a commercial for Cover Girl, Burlington and amongst many things. It's kind of hard to say that love and hip-hop was just an avenue to do the things that I'm doing now like being the cover of People Español 50 most beautiful people in the world. Because I also do have an amazing team, my publicist, my own team, my label people and everything. So it's just kind of like everything is working together to make things happen. A lot of good things have come from it.

ShuString: You've made a name for yourself in the Latin music world. What has been the biggest challenge breaking into the American music scene? Amara: It really hasn't been a challenge, you know I'm working you know. It's a working process, not something that happens over night. Cause if it was that easy then every one would be successful and everybody would be a star. I still don’t feel like I have felt or seen any true challenges crossing over into the American market.

ShuString: So let's talk about your single insecure. What inspired the song? Amara: Insecure was actually written by an amazing writer Pricilla Antura from Rock City. They presented me the song and I truly loved it because it's music women can relate to. Insecure, it's one of those songs that I feel that every woman has at some point felt insecure; men as well whether it is their relationship or whether with themselves. So yea I've felt insecure at some point as well so I thought that the song would be perfect and I love it. It's my new baby and it's the first song that I’ve released after being back.

ShuString: What were your musical influences growing up? Amara: Celia Cruz, Donna Summer and Tina Turner the list goes on. It goes from Spanish into American, I grew up in a obviously very Latina home. Once Celia Cruz died, the market for inspirations and influences definitely goes back and forth between Latin and American singers.

ShuString: What can we expect from your first American Album? Amara: I don’t know yet my love because I'm currently not working on my album. I'm focused on singles and my EP. My EP will be an appetizer of what's to come. So it will definitely be very Amara some Caribbean reggaeton and a lot of Latin influence because I don’t want to lose myself, but as for an album I haven’t really felt the vibe of it.

ShuString: If you weren’t a singer, what would you be doing right now? Amara: I don’t know I was born to be a performer. I was born an entertainer and I was born to sing so there is no plan B.

ShuString: Your style is so fresh and different, do you ever feel pressured to conform and be what others think you should be? Amara: The thing is for those who didn’t except me or don’t except me that's their problem. You understand that’s on them I will never change who I am to satisfy or please anybody that’s not what I am going to do. If you don’t except me know at some point you will it’s just a matter of time. I'll be patient I’ll be me and that will never change.

ShuString: Your skin is so flawless. What are your beauty secrets? What are some beauty items you can’t live with out? Amara: That is so hard because I don’t know what beauty secrets I have. I love lip-gloss, because your lips should look like wet and juicy. I also love lashes. You could be really bummy but if your lashes are fleek then you're good.

ShuString: Should we expect a lash extension line? Amara: Oh my God, ha ha I don’t even know if I would do that. But what you should expect from me at some point in my career is skin care products. The thing is I do this in my house for myself. So I don't know how that would be. But once I get that part together I would really love to do body scrubs. Like I live for body scrubs. What works for me may not work for other people. I naturally have very oily skin. I love to exfoliate, especially since I live in Miami where they weather is hot it's very humid. I love to exfoliate with like brown sugar, honey and olive oils.

Amara is just getting started in the American market and she is moving on a mission. While her single “Insecure” is still making waves with her old, current and future fans, Amara is making a name for herself other than just a pretty face and an afro that many post as their hair goals. Her music is paving the way for her and by recently signing a multi-album record deal we will soon hear more music from her. To stay up to date with her and her music you can follow her on Instagram @amaralanegraaln


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