Autumn, A Devoted Wife And Mother Shares Her Joys About Life

Life through Autumn’s eyes, kids, cookies, and stilettos. How the wife of Seyi juggles it all…

A Fresno State graduate from Castro Valley, California had no idea she would be a mother of twin girls, a wife of a professional football player and the star of a hit reality television show by the age of 27 years old. However, life had plans for Autumn Ajirotutu the gorgeous wife of free agent NFL player Seyi Ajirotutu. After deciding to put her life out there for the world to see by becoming one of the stars of the reality television show WAGS, Autumn has quite a few lessons to pass on and myth busters to set straight. We were able to meet with the down to earth and no filter reality television star.

How did you and your husband meet?

Fresno State I was a sophomore he was a junior he gave me a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and the rest is history.

Did he work hard to win you over?

He was just nice he didn’t have to work that hard he didn’t want me to buy him J’s, he didn’t want me to take him out to eat because I was the only girl in

college me and my other girlfriend we worked and went to school. He was just nice, he would ask “how is your day going, how are you, is there anything I can do for you” and I’m thinking here is this guy he’s been up since 4 a.m. him and his six classes because he did finance and then trying to get ready for his game and he is worried about me. He got me with his politeness.



You guys have been together for 9 years how have you made it so long?

Similar upbringing and a huge support from family and friends.

Have there been any road blocks or something that you all have had to work through in your marriage?

The inconsistency of the game, he’s been a free agent so year after year he’s fought. Having instability was so stressful and the instability of the game where we didn’t get that big contract and have job security and that’s what’s important for me and when he has job security he can be more secure with everything around him but ultimately it’s God’s plan and now we’re going through another transition where he’s not playing and we are deciding “do you want to play or do you want to do other things, do you want to use the brain God gave you where you can manage people’s lives and finances” but either way he’s going to push through.

Do you get along with the other WAGS?

No, we definitely do not and I’m okay with that

because you’re not going to like everyone and everyone is not going to like me and I’m totally fine with that. You win some and you lose some it’s just so many different personalities you won’t be able to please everyone.

When you came into this were you expecting that or what were you expecting?

I wasn’t expecting this but I was expecting letting bygones be bygones because I’m really big on however you feel is how you feel. I might validate your feelings but I don’t have to agree with them so when you are in a group of women like my cast and their feelings need to be so validated and so pushed in and they are trying to prove themselves because they’re a girlfriend that’s fine but I don’t care. It’s like they need our approval because we’re wives but it’s not even that deep I have friends

from all walks of life. I met my best friend at Hooters when I worked there and they’re not even in the

sports world.

What are some myths of being a professional ball player’s wife?

We have it easy, we live a glamorous life I mean we have a head start but it’s not what people think. They think we get free tickets, no we have to pay for those tickets and you always hear the saying more money more problems or they think we get this and we get that no it’s not as it seems. Then with our husbands or boyfriends constantly traveling we have to manage their lives, our lives and our children’s lives, so we have to manage three separate lives including our own.

How do you deal with the groupies?

I don’t, I’m too grown for that I’m old I don’t have time. It’s inevitable I’m walking down the street some will be looking at me the girls will be looking at my husband that’s fine it is what it is as long as you have boundaries.

How do you keep the spice in your relationship?

We love to go to this Christian outreach program kind of like a marriage retreat. We love to go to it and every year it kind of teaches you different things like how to keep God in your relationship, how to help the sex life be spicy and all these different things but we love to experiment and have fun and not take life too serious and we remember why we love each other and what those special things are that keep it going and also finding those activities that can keep the spark and the interest because you know that when you kind of fade away from one another and your looking to stay together and the sex is always fun even if you have to take eight shots. 

How do you balance being a mom and a wife? 

Sleepless nights and a lot of those. Also I put myself first, my mom said every morning put yourself first so everything else can run smooth and fall in line.

How did you get into cooking?

I have always loved to cook. I was either outside playing sports or in the kitchen creating something. My mom never stopped my creativity. She would let me tear up in the kitchen for hours. (Ha‐ha). She always believed I was going to come up with something. Also, I have been with my Husband for a very long time we have always had events to go to, tailgating, parties, dinners you name it I was the go to person to cook. My parents are also good cooks, so they have helped inspire me too.

What is your favorite meal to cook and why?

Oh man, this is hard! I love cooking everything. I do not have a favorite thing to cook; but my favorite

demographic to cook is definitely Italian or Soul Food inspired food. I have always loved making lasagnas and mac n cheeses. I am huge on comfort foods. Baking! My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes! Especially my carrot cake cupcakes! I find baking cupcakes much more fun and personable. Plus, I am all about quantity control! When consuming a high amount of calories!  I make an awesome strawberry cheese cake. (Ha‐hah) I love cooking and baking!

So you’re a mother, a wife, a blogger and chef.  What other entrepreneurial activities or other businesses do you deal with? 

I also do interior design. Along with food, interior design has always been a HUGE passion for me! I love it! I am currently working on a beach house right now in Mission beach.

What is next after WAGs?

Life after WAGs, hopefully a cooking or house remodeling show! That would be absolutely ideal! I love doing anything I can be creative and helping others in the process!

After getting to know Autumn and learning new things about her, we love her even more. With her

staring in WAGS, being a mother, a wife, a chef, an interior decorator and a blogger her life is always

interesting and full of stories. Who knew this west side bombshell was so equipped with a list of

hidden talents.

To learn more recipes, do it yourself activities, tips, tricks and myth busters follow Autumn

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